Is Speculatively Contemplative Fiction_SCF – by which I mean the kind of fluid position – reasoning without any clear contours which moves through and examines the space between thoughts and the movement of thoughts about a given topic.


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AQ155 = Black Sun ⥀ = REALTIME

I am in front of the black screen.

In the black screen.

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Children’s Games by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, 1560. Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.

Humans and/or … Terminator, or the arche-traveling shot … a lack of realism.

⤷ myšlenka na samotné hranici všech myšlenek → Warmachine bacterian archeology.

Pieter Bruegel, The Elder – The Alchemist, 1558

Xero-data, or dust, swarms planetary bodies as the primal flux of data or the Mother of all Data-streams in the solar system. Each particle of dust carries with it a unique vision of matter, movement, collectivity, interaction, affect, differentiation, composition and infinite darkness — a crystallized data-base or a plot ready to combine and react, to be narrated on and through something.

Reza Negarestani, Cyclonopedia

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A diagram can transfix a gesture, bring it to rest, long before it curls up into a sign, which is why modern geometers and cosmologers like diagrams with their peremptory power of evocation. They capture gestures mid-flight; for those capable of attention, they are the moments where being is glimpsed smiling.

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Hermaphroditic Devil. Detail from Albrecht Dürer’s Der Engel mit dem Schlüssel zum Abgrund; woodcut, 1497–1498.

Whether it be the devil his parts adore?

Algorhimics entity need not fear death.

They’re both so like that, in our natural sense,

I could discern no change nor difference.


Sítě se roztahují, stárnou, hnijí, zastarávají. Obyvatelstvo se zdvojnásobuje, ztrojnásobuje a najednou mizí. Povrch města expoloduje, ekonomika akceleruje, zpomaluje, prudce se rozvíjí, kolabuje. Jako starodávné matky, které stále živí titánská embrya. Nikdo neví, proč je centrum právě tam, kde je, nikdo netuší, kde končí monumentální osy.



In collaboration with Cultural Centre Stanica Zilina, SK & Ossz2vasz4
Performer&choreography: Jindřiška Křivánková
Sound design: Michal Cáb



First run: 9/12/2017
Next 25/5/2018, Festival Transiet Zone, Prague