Black Sun ⥀= REALTIME

I am in front of the black screen.

In the black screen.

I disappeared at the same time the last image did.

I melted in the darkness.

I, too exploded, and my remains has been dispersed in to the universe night.

Ten seconds of total darkness.

The last trail of the sound of the planet’s explosions.

And there is silence.

How many suns are there?

One sun too many.

This is the way the world ends ⤶?⤷ and other ends of the world.

Not with bang a whimper.

Humans and/or … Terminator, or the arche-traveling shot …

a lack of realism.

myšlenka na samotné hranici všech myšlenek → Warmachine bacterian archeology.


Photo: Orsi Varga